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Organic K Organic K


Organic and leaves are the symbol of the enterprise that give the centerpiece of environment-and-human-centered beings as a manufacturer and distributor of daily life chemical products. It implies the management eco-friendly and customer-serving philosophy of Organic K.

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Color System

The primary colors of Organic K are green, the color of the symbol, and gray as the secondary color. Color reproduction is based on the use of spot colors, but since it is not possible to process spot colors in the case of mass media such as newspapers and magazines that are based on four primary process color printing, it is based on the print color specification by the screen combination.

Organic Green

CMYK: 49/2/100/0 RGB: 144/195/31 Hex: #90C31F

Organic Gray

CMYK: 65/63/61/51 RGB: 64/58/58 Hex: #403a3a