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Consent to the collection and use of personal information

Your valuable personal information is collected and used according to the following policies. Organic K will only collect personal information related to that purpose and promise to protect and manage the collected information transparently and safely. We ask for your consent to collect and use personal information.
1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information: Information about your inquiry is collected for more accurate answers.
2. Collection Items: Required Items: Name, Contact, Email
3. Retention and use of personal information: The personal information of the information subject is, in principle, the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. However, it will be kept for the specified period for the following reasons. Reason for retention: Confirmation and response to customer inquiry Retention period: until completion of processing of customer inquiry
4. The right to refuse consent and the benefit of refusing to consent: Consent to the collection and use of the above personal information (essential information) is essential for smooth communication, rapid service and recruitment between the company and the customer. You must agree to use it. No collection of optional information occurs.